About Us

QYPAA stands for Queensland Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous.
We are a committee of young AA memebrs enthusiastic about our recovery. We aspire to host an annual convention in Queensland as a celebration of recovery, unity, and service.
QYPAA is all-inclusive, never exclusive or fobidding.
QYPAA is a convention hosted by young people, for the fellowship as a whole. Attendance is open to all persons concerned with a drinking problem irrespective of age.

QYPAA is a subcommittee of Area C North-Eastern Region and, as such, we are respoonsible to the fellowship as a whole. We endevaour to be a self-supporting committee, with any surplus funds directed back into the fellowship through Area.

Event Details


Brisbane Salvation Army Church, 167 Ann St., Brisbane City.
Street Parking is free on the weekends or $5 at King George Square Car park.


Saturday 30th September 2017


Program for the weekend is now up..


Price: $10 Day registration +

$30 Dinner and Entertainment

Saturday 20th May 2017


Big Book Covers are available in 5 colours...

On sale for $15 each.

Please send us a message on the form below if you are interested..